What Does It Mean To Manifest Your Authentic Self?

Growing as a person through personal development can be looked at as manifesting a new life and a new you. But who is this “new you”?

Is it a “new you” or is it the REAL you?

A “you” that has been there all along, since before you were born. Rather than simply a new and improved version of yourself – what if it was possible to manifest your “authentic self” – and bring the truth of who you out into the world instead of keeping him or her buried under the mask of the ego?

These are questions that excite me on a deep, deep spiritual level. I like to look at this practice as going inside yourself in order to find your true, most authentic self and bringing that real you to the surface.

But how do we make this happen?

There have been many different manifesting techniques that have been recommended over the years to allow prosperity and other good things that people want to manifest to come into the lives of said people.

A Wide Range Of Manifestation Techniques…

These processes and techniques range from doing deep meditative contemplation to yoga, vision quest and even attending personal growth seminars and retreats.

I’ve dabbled in all of these things, and spoken with others who have been on similar journeys.

Through my experiences I’ve come to believe that each person should experiment and find the techniques or methods that work best for them. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that is best for everybody when it comes to manifesting your authentic self!

So if for example you are someone who feels enjoys traveling then you may want to attend a personal growth retreat if you can find a good one. These retreats vary in their focus, ranging from yoga retreats to silent meditation retreats and are often held in beautiful locations like Costa Rica, and other tropical paradises. These retreats can be very helpful because they are full immersion experiences that allow you to break out of your everyday routines and see the world and yourself in news ways, and as such can be very transformative…

But what is manifesting? Is just the end product of one of these techniques?

Hardly! It’s so much more than that!

Not too many people really understand what this entails.

What Exactly IS Manifesting?

In reality, the manifestation process is not as simple as it initially appears. This holds true for many of the techniques that focus on life positivism. Given this, it may take numerous and consistent practices before any of these techniques can get to provide the expected results. This is one aspect of the process that not too many people are willing to accept, and is a common reason the manifesting never “works” for them they way they want it to.

Just like in any kind of endeavor, persistence and patience should be observed when it comes to putting the manifest theory in actual practice. These are enduring qualities that are actually applicable to every known human activity. Without them, the chances of success becomes quite remote.

Above all, a firm and strong faith should be present when trying out any manifestation technique. This is a basic requirement because without it, the universe won’t believe that you are ready for whatever it is that you wish to manifest.